The Granola'd Girls

Hello! We are SO glad you are here! We are two sisters, Anna Belle and Lila Mae, and we are the dreamers behind Granola'd!

Anna Belle here! I am a student at Lipscomb University whose Elementary Education major took a turn when Granola'd came to be. Now, I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies of Education and working with both the College of Education and the College of Business. I consider myself an M&M enthusiast - I'm the sweet tooth of the family :) - I enjoy running and working out, and I like to think I have good shoe game. My favorite way to eat our granola is by finding the clusters and pairing them with M&Ms.

Lila Mae here! I am a senior in high school at Central Magnet. I am probably the only 17-year-old with a collection of yarn, glass cups, and cookbooks... all color coded of course! Whether I'm weaving or photographing fun foods I've cooked, I'm always listening to a good podcast or playlist - I am the DJ of the family :) In my opinion, the best way to eat our granola is to combine the bits and pieces of different flavors and eating it as cereal with a splash of milk.

We are sisters, built-in best friends, and business partners. Together, we enjoy starting our day off by running, taking long walks to talk about our dreams, and of course BAKING! Recipe testing has become one of our new hobbies because we get to channel our inner food scientist... and be the taste-testers!

Before this was a business plan, it was our "nightly routine." We can't go to bed without our mountain of granola as a late night snack. This "nightly routine" slowly became a passion and put us on the hunt for the world's BEST granola! Even though Anna Belle has a gluten allergy, she didn't want to miss out on the gluten-FULL treats like birthday cake and cookies.

Sooooo, we decided to GRANOLA them! Our goal is to take wholesome ingredients such as gluten-free grains, natural sweeteners, and the occasional chocolate chips to bring you a healthier version of some of your favorite treats! The best part is working together as sisters and dreaming up fun flavors to granola! That's right... we took our favorite snack and made it a verb! Keep coming back each week to see all of the foods we have Granola'd!